Hello, I'm Mitchell.

I'm a fullstack application and website developer. I focus on mobile application development, but I like to dabble in website design as well.

I primarily work with:

  • React.js & Radix UI for Applications
  • Astro for Websites
  • Supabase (Postgres) for Databases
  • Contentful for CMS
  • and more...
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My Projects

Here are some of my recent projects. I'm always working on something new, so check back often!

MyTeam by BNI In Progress
Scout other teams for pregame and match data, schedule team members to have certain tasks, and more with the robotics app that is built to simplify your team.
AllKnit In Progress
Count rows and stitches, keep track of your pattern, and add notes to each of your knitting projects with the only app you need for knitting.
My SchoolDesk Paused
Making education software that's both functional and pleasing for not just teachers, but students, parents, and higher-level users as well.
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Check out my posts

My Posts

Here are some of my recent posts. I like to write every once in a while about things that interest me. Check them out below!

Why Radix UI Is My Go-To UI Library May 17, 2024
I've gotten to use quite a few UI libraries in my close to three years of coding, but here's why Radix UI is my favorite.
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